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Località Casisano, 52
53024 Montalcino SI

I vini di Casisano sono un progetto enologico che mira a interpretare l'anima e le potenzialità di questi vigneti, per essere annoverati tra le migliori espressioni del territorio.

Giancarlo Tommasi represents the natural connection of Casisano with Tommasi family.
A continuous dialogue, several tastings and technical comparisons are the basis to enhance the peculiarities of Brunello made at Casisano.
They have worked deeply on the details, from the choice of the vinification up to the selection of the woods for aging, a work aimed at enhancing the natural grace of the wines.
They focused on the viticultural management with a meticulous and careful work in the vineyards, moreover new vineyards have been planted with selected clones of Sangiovese that surely bring an added value to future wines.

Casisano today is one of the most interesting territories in the panorama of Montalcino, thanks to the perfect exposure to the south-west and the high altitude. The wines made in Casisano express elegance, finesse and freshness that are today more and more an added value in the production of great wines.

Casisano nelle colline toscane di Montalcino