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Località Casisano, 52
53024 Montalcino SI

Emiliano Falsini, enologo di Casisano


Emiliano Falsini was born and grew up in Tuscany outside Florence; after leaving school with a diploma in agricultural technology, I continued my studies at the University of Florence.

He has always been inspired to learn about winegrowing outside Italy, which has led him to work in California, New Zealand and Argentina

He started his career and continue to work as a wine consultant.

He is working on a number of projects in a variety of esteemed regions of Italy, from Barolo to Bolgheri through Montalcino till Sicily.

His approach respects the raw material, the peculiarities of the territory and the company style.

He prefers a traditional enology, in a modern key, with the objective ok making elegant wines, fresh and with extreme drinkability; a non-invasive enology where the exaltation of the vine and the territory are the central points of the wine making process.

Giancarlo Tommasi represents the natural connection of Casisano with Tommasi family.

A continuous dialogue, several tastings and technical comparisons are the basis to enhance the peculiarities of Brunello made at Casisano.

They have worked deeply on the details, from the choice of the vinification up to the selection of the woods for aging, a work aimed at enhancing the natural grace of the wines.

They focused on the viticultural management with a meticulous and careful work in the vineyards, moreover new vineyards have been planted with selected clones of Sangiovese that surely bring an added value to future wines.

Giancarlo Tommasi e Emiliano Falsini enologi di Casisano
botti di tenuta Casisano in Montalcino


Vinification takes place in stainless steel tanks and in wooden, truncated cone-shaped vats. To maintain the characteristics of our Sangiovese intact, all the fermentations are carried out using the native yeasts present on the grapes. Vinification is temperature-controlled, favoring long skin contact in order to extract all the noble substances contained in our grapes.


Casisano’s wines repose and mature in large Slavonian oak casks, thus guaranteeing the classic style of this wonderful terroir: a distinctive trait that allows us to maintain a strong rapport with tradition while at the same time expressing a modern vision of the great wines of Montalcino.

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