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Località Casisano, 52
53024 Montalcino SI


The territory of Montalcino can be divided into 4 main quadrants.

The South East area. Passo del Lume Spento with its 700 meters high, it is the highest point of the village: its potential has been re-evaluated in the face of global warming.

The wines are particularly attractive: scented with sweet red fruits complicated by sexy flowers and exotic spices, anticipating an accessible and refined palate with a good acidity to balance.

Further south, the landscape takes your breath away with its postcard view of vineyards and rural houses against the backdrop of Mount Amiata. Historical monument, the medieval abbey of Sant’Antimo is located at the bottom of the valley that houses the charming town.

The refreshing effect deriving from the proximity to Mount Amiata compensates the warm daytime temperatures with considerably cooler nights, normally giving life to large and robust wines, which still retain an excellent balance: the richness of red fruit is accompanied by substantial tannins and ripe acidity.

To the west of Castelnuovo dell’Abate, Sant’Angelo in Colle is home to one of the largest concentrations of vineyards of the appellation, mostly lying on rolling hills with soils rich in alberese (gray limestone) and galestro.

The advantage of elevation:

Optimal Ripening

Extended season gives Sangiovese Grosso the time to develop complex notes without over-ripening. One of the last properties to harvest in Montalcino.

Constant Breeze

Creates excellent thermal excursion, giving added structure and acidity to the wines.
Prevents disease naturally.


Provides natural draining. Roots go 10 – 15 ft below surface, giving wines additional aromas from the galestro soil.


The microclimate is well-ventilated and dry, with excellent thermal excursions: this contributes towards creating ideal conditions for maintaining the health of the grapes. The wines made from them are elegant and display an excellent combination of richly structured fruit and acidity.


Care for the vineyards and the quest for outstanding fruit lie at the heart of our company project. The quality of a fine wine stems from the vineyard and, to express the potential of our terroir we are convinced that it is fundamental to grow great grapes. Every single parcel of Casisano’s vineyards is managed and monitored according to the characteristics of the soil, the exposition, and the type of wine we aim to make from it. Targeted agronomic management allows us to maintain a perfect balance between vegetation and fruit, to ensure that our vineyards are in absolute harmony with the ecosystem of the area, and also enables us to achieve full ripeness with grapes that have excellent organoleptic profiles.


Vinification takes place in stainless steel tanks and in wooden, truncated cone-shaped vats. To maintain the characteristics of our Sangiovese intact, all the fermentations are carried out using the native yeasts present on the grapes. Vinification is temperature-controlled, favoring long skin contact in order to extract all the noble substances contained in our grapes.


Casisano’s wines repose and mature in large Slavonian oak casks, thus guaranteeing the classic style of this wonderful terroir: a distinctive trait that allows us to maintain a strong rapport with tradition while at the same time expressing a modern vision of the great wines of Montalcino.


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