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Località Casisano, 52
53024 Montalcino SI


At Casisano in Montalcino the Tommasi Family Estates project, which began in 1997 with the entry into the company of the fourth generation of the family, has reached its crowning glory.

Casisano was founded in 1990, and the Tommasi family arrived in the area in 2015 after years of searching for an estate that responded to its members’ desire to construct an important, top-quality project in the zone.

The Tommasi’ philosophy, especially in Montalcino, is that of upholding the prestige of the region, preserving its identity and seeking to express its potential to the full. Given the particular geographical position and altitude of the estate, the goal is to produce wines that have finesse and elegance as their common denominators.

Emiliano Falsini, enologo di Casisano


Emiliano Falsini was born and grew up in Tuscany outside Florence; after leaving school with a diploma in agricultural technology, I continued my studies at the University of Florence.

He has always been inspired to learn about winegrowing outside Italy, which has led him to work in California, New Zealand and Argentina

He started his career and continue to work as a wine consultant.

He is working on a number of projects in a variety of esteemed regions of Italy, from Barolo to Bolgheri through Montalcino till Sicily.

His approach respects the raw material, the peculiarities of the territory and the company style.

He prefers a traditional enology, in a modern key, with the objective ok making elegant wines, fresh and with extreme drinkability; a non-invasive enology where the exaltation of the vine and the territory are the central points of the wine making process.

Giancarlo Tommasi represents the natural connection of Casisano with Tommasi family.

A continuous dialogue, several tastings and technical comparisons are the basis to enhance the peculiarities of Brunello made at Casisano.

They have worked deeply on the details, from the choice of the vinification up to the selection of the woods for aging, a work aimed at enhancing the natural grace of the wines.

They focused on the viticultural management with a meticulous and careful work in the vineyards, moreover new vineyards have been planted with selected clones of Sangiovese that surely bring an added value to future wines.

Giancarlo Tommasi e Emiliano Falsini enologi di Casisano
botti di tenuta Casisano in Montalcino

Casisano vineyards, being in a high position, guarantee natural freshness and complexity typical of the great Brunellos capable of evolving in an excellent way over time

Its total area is 53 hectares, of which 22 are vineyards and 12 are olive groves. 9 hectares are devoted to the production of Brunello, 7 hectares to Rosso, and the other 6 hectares to the Sant’Antimo denomination.

The estate is entirely cultivated with Sangiovese Grosso, trained according to the traditional Cordon Spur system, and is divided up into ten vineyard sites. From the approximately two hectares of the oldest parcel of vines we select the grapes for our Brunello Riserva Colombaiolo.

The plant density is 4,000 vines per hectare, with up to 5,000 in the oldest plantings.

The average yield is 7,000 kilos per hectare; the grapes are selected and picked by hand.

Mappa dei vigneti di Casisano

The advantage of elevation:

Optimal Ripening

Extended season gives Sangiovese Grosso the time to develop complex notes without over-ripening. One of the last properties to harvest in Montalcino.

Constant Breeze

Creates excellent thermal excursion, giving added structure and acidity to the wines.
Prevents disease naturally.


Provides natural draining. Roots go 10 – 15 ft below surface, giving wines additional aromas from the galestro soil.


The microclimate is well-ventilated and dry, with excellent thermal excursions: this contributes towards creating ideal conditions for maintaining the health of the grapes. The wines made from them are elegant and display an excellent combination of richly structured fruit and acidity.


Care for the vineyards and the quest for outstanding fruit lie at the heart of our company project. The quality of a fine wine stems from the vineyard and, to express the potential of our terroir we are convinced that it is fundamental to grow great grapes. Every single parcel of Casisano’s vineyards is managed and monitored according to the characteristics of the soil, the exposition, and the type of wine we aim to make from it. Targeted agronomic management allows us to maintain a perfect balance between vegetation and fruit, to ensure that our vineyards are in absolute harmony with the ecosystem of the area, and also enables us to achieve full ripeness with grapes that have excellent organoleptic profiles.